Superchallenge has joined to its agonistic activity an inedited program of special events, aimed at companies wishing to give to their customers or employees a special and exciting day at the track .
The participants, always placed side by side of our instructors, will have the opportunity to drive real race cars, Ferrari F.430 Challenge (490 Hp) and Ferrari 458 Challenge (570 Hp) with F1 paddle shift gearbox, roll-bar, racing seats, 4 point racing-belts, slick tires, all in complete safety that has always distinguished us.
These events, called Emotion Day, are depending to the various requirements agreed with the company concerned, according to the circuit and the number of participants .

Our services include:

• use of the chosen circuit;
• use of real race cars, Ferrari F.430 Challenge and Ferrari 458 Challenge;
• presence of our instructors during the event;
• briefing with the details of the circuit and the correct driving technique;
• use of helmets with intercom;
• certificate of event participation;
• catering service with coffee bar and lunch buffet;
• car customization with customer’s logo;
• fully comprehensive car insurance with deductible;
• realization of promotional gadgets, t-shirts, caps, jackets, umbrellas;
• photoshoot realization and personalized dvd movie;

Our events are organized in these tracks:

• Adria, 25 km from Rovigo
• Franciacorta, 20 km from Brescia
• Varano, 25 km from Parma
• Magione, 10 km from Perugia
• Modena, 10 km from Maranello
• Vairano, 30 km from Milan
• Cremona, 20 km from Cremona
• Vallelunga, 30 km north of Rome

Many companies have already chosen our Emotion Day event: Banca Mediolanum, Axo Light, Pilot Pen, Intel, Colgate, Unisys, Microsoft, Acer, Nokia, Ceres, Banca Sella, Rhiag, etc …

The four reasons to choose an Emotion Day signed Superchallenge:

- because we use only race cars Ferrari Challenge;
– because we focus on quality and not on quantity of attendance;
– because we entrust you to our instructors, all drivers with a lot of experience;
– because we are in the Ferrari Challenge from 1993 and we won it three times.

Give to yourself to a dream, a day of strong emotions to experience unique sensations driving a real racing Ferrari on the track, all in complete safety, this is an Emotion Day and your company will be the star!